A Letter to My Body

To my dear body, I’m sorry that I’ve spent so much time hating you and picking out all of your supposed flaws.
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I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of person. I’m a perfectionist by nature and if I commit to something then I’ll most often do my best at whatever that task might be. Commit to HSC? Check. Commit to sport? Check. Commit to “healthy eating”? Check.

Determination, willpower, perfectionism – they’re all characteristics that you’ll find in people who suffer from eating disorders. So it…

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Tara Hurst
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Foxglove Flower | The common name is said to come from “folk’s gloves,” with “folk” referring to fairy folk. Another possible origin of the name is due to its similarity to an ancient musical instrument, the fox’s glew, due to the bell shape.” (via Wolf Botanical Painting by honeywilderness on Etsy)
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